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Scarf Bear Profile

The high-quality short-wool fabric with a white bear and a warm Korean scarf are a beautiful scenery. >> Shopping: Scarf Bear Doll | Scarf Bear Pillow | More Scarf Bear Hot Plush Toys

■ Scarf Bear Hot Toys Recommended

Mibu Authentic Scarf Teddy Teddy Bear Plush Toy Ragdoll Doll Doll Birthday Gift

Gold coin hug bear gift doll doll doll Teddy bear plush toy bear large hug bear scarf bear

Authentic scarf teddy bear doll large plush toy bear hug bear doll doll birthday gift female

Gold coin Yokpoo cute shy panda scarf shy panda earmuffs

Lafu Tuoer Birthday Gift Plush Bear Bear Scarf Bear Teddy Bear Hug Bear Doll Ragdoll

Teddy Bear Scarf Hat Korean version of the one-piece body scarf hat child gloves two-piece

Sleepy bear doll big hug bear scarf bear shy bear eyes bear teddy bear plush toy doll large

Genuine dress teddy bear cute rag doll plush toy 包邮 doll hug bear scarf bear apron bear

■ Cleaning method for plush dolls

Plush doll cleaning method

First, dry cleaning. Second, wash.

Dry cleaning method:

Buy a large packet of salt, coarse salt, put the coarse salt and the dirty plush toy into a larger plastic bag, then tie the bag tightly and shake it vigorously. You will find that the plush toy is clean. . The removed coarse salt turned grayish black due to the adsorption of dirt. The principle is to use the salt, that is, sodium chloride to adsorb the dirt. Soda powder can also be used instead of coarse salt, and the usage is the same. This method is more suitable for large plush toys and plush toys that can not be washed.

Washing method:

Small toys can be used to tape the parts that are afraid of wear and tear, directly into the washing machine, wash them gently, dry them, hang them in a cool place, and pat the toys intermittently to make the fur and fillings fluffy and soft.

Large toys can be found to fill the seams, cut the sutures, take out the fillings, special parts can not be taken (better to maintain the appearance), use tape to stain the parts that are afraid of wear, put the toy skin into the washing machine Wash, dry, hang dry in the shade, and tap the toy intermittently to make the fur and stuffing fluffy and soft. The filling is then placed in the toy skin, neat and stitched. Then use a comb to gently comb the hair along the direction of the plush.

■ Scarf Bear Pillow

Plush pillow cushion warm hand pillow NICI scarf polar bear brown nap pillow work lunch break

San-X/Rilakkuma Easy Bear Strawberry Red Hat Pillow Cushion Pink Scarf Alpaca

Plush Toy Cartoon Animal Hand Warmer Pillow Handcuffs Scarf Bear Napping Pillow Cushion Cushion 4

Super cute bubu bear BUBU doll scarf bear heart shape warm hand pillow cushion

■ Scarf bear doll

Prince of Kasbah Cute scarf panda Ragdoll plush toy large 80CM doll Send girlfriend

Super delicate glasses Teddy bear doll Dr. Bear scarf bear plush toy Couple Tanabata Valentine's Day gift

Plush Toys Wholesale Sleeping Bear Scarf Bear Doll Wholesale Valentine's Day Birthday Girlfriend Gift Wedding Gift

Couple birthday gift cute white lover bear hug bear teddy bear scarf bear bear doll

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